Quarter 3, Week 12 Update: I’m on Holiday

Hi gang, thanks for coming back to Hammer the Backlog, the weekly Warhammer miniature painting, accountability and productivity blog that this week is on holiday. Let’s take a truncated look at the scorecard for this week, and then take a look at some of my favourite hobby blogs to tide you over for your mini painting fix.


So, other than the fact that I am on holiday and didn’t paint anything this week, everything else stayed in the green. 

No humorous captions this week, I’m on holiday.


Listen, I love a blog. As much as the hobby that we all love has moved over to the influencer sphere recently, with Youtube, Instagram and,heaven forfend, Tiktok, being the new places to be, the humble blog has always been the thing that I mostly connect with the mini painting hobby. Hammer the Backlog being my third attempt to get one going, I’ve been keeping my eye on hobby blogs for years. Here is a curated selection of some of the most interesting that I am currently reading. For each of them I’ve included the link to the blog and also a link to one of my favourite posts from the blog. If you’re inclined, give them a like and a follow and tell them I sent you.

Nick’s Hobby Bloggy

Nick’s Hobby Bloggy is what Hammer the Backlog wants to be when it grows up. Nick is an incredible painter and army builder, who doesn’t need no silly accountability process to keep him going! He makes some wonderful armies and some of the best 6th edition style battle reports I’ve ever seen. 


I can’t remember the last time I was on the edge of my seat reading a battle report for a twenty year old miniatures game, but then I read this post.


Scent of a Gamer

Dave’s blog, Scent of a Gamer, has already achieved everything that I hope Hammer the Backlog will, years ago. A few years back, Dave decided to paint every last miniature that he owned in a systematic way, while limiting himself in the amount of new stuff he buys. You can see where he might have been somewhat of an inspiration!


In particular I really loved Dave’s idea of breaking his projects down into manageable chunks using baking trays, an idea I loved so much that I stole it immediately!

Cupboard of Shame

Sam’s blog, Cupboard of Shame, is the newest on this list and the one with the fewest posts so far, but no less interesting for it. Like so many of us, Sam is an old school hobbyist from the era of the blog, who refound his love for painting during lockdown. It really tickles me that after Hammer the Backlog was inspired by so many great bloggers, now it is in itself inspiring others in a little way to share their experiences.


Another great painter, with more than a hint of the John Blanch style, Sam converted some Stormcast Eternals into something much more interesting.


Burping Dragon Inn

If Hammer the Backlog hadn’t taken off the way it had, I very much would have loved to join the Gathering of Mighty Painters challenge on the Burping Dragon Inn. These brave souls each committed to building and painting a 4th edition fantasy army over the course of seven months, to varying degrees of success! A great reintroduction to the Tale of Mighty Gamers format that is so popular in our shared hobby. They are currently doing a similar challenge with oldschool Necromunda.

Here is the final update and the competed armies:

Back to the Hammer

Mark has great taste in both blog names and topics! A fellow hammerer, his blog is a great collection of reports, army building, reviews and opinion pieces. As one of the first followers of Hammer the Backlog, his blog was a great introduction to the wider hobby and the community around it.


Check out his awesome Bretonnia army, which put my piddly little thing to shame!

J’ai un Planning Chargé

If they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then I hope Jean and his blog J’ai un Planning Chargé is very flattered indeed. To my eye, the finest painter of classic and modern miniatures who is active today. He has a very distinct, simple, graphic and yet realistic style that really appeals to me, and I find it hard not to just copy everything he does.


Check out the length and breath of his cool models with this random selection.

Well that’s it from me this week. If I’ve missed any obvious mentions, please accept my sincerest apologies. I am writing this from my holiday after all!

See you next week for the quarterly wrap up and some Bits and Bobs.

Good eggs!


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