Quarter 2, Week 10 Update: Never Smile at a Crocodile

And never underestimate the work it takes to paint a Saurus Warrior, even if you are doing a Warhammer mini painting, accountability and productivity blog. It is the tightest we’ve ever been to missing a deadline this week, as constantly forgetting just how much detail there is on these little buggers has me writing this update at 10:30 on Thursday evening! Let’s take a look at the scorecard.



Phew! A very close call this week, but in the end, everything was done! Five more Saurus Warriors in the bag, with only five more to go to finish one of this quarter’s rocks. We are 90% of the way through the quarterly target of Get WFB 5th Edition Starter Set Lizardmen painted, photographed and online.

That also means that I am ninety five percent of the way to having a complete Warhammer 5th edition box set, a dream that started on my first ever trip into a hobby shop in 1998! 

I am looking forward to next week with a mixture of excitement and trepidation! It is going to be hard work getting the last five Saurus Warriors done. Of all of the models, they are in the worst state of repair. They will need to be stripped, cleaned up, rebased and filled before I even start painting. Keep your fingers crossed for me, fellow backlog hammerers!

Oh, and I have one to do for this week. Get another can of Wraithbone spray. I’ve used three and a half of the damned things in the last six months of this project. It just goes to show you that even thought I am not buying any more new models from Games Workshop, they are still making money off of this project!


That was a close one!

The penultimate batch of Lizardmen this week. I know that last week I said that I was going to paint them as dark as the scales on the previous batch, but then I remembered that I had wanted to paint some inspired by the classic Saurus Champion from the brilliant Mark Gibbons box art. This guy, who sadly never got a model as far as I know, has a very light underbelly and a much darker, more muted hue to his skin than my previous batch.

These fellas.

For the skin colour of this batch I used the following colours.

ContrastCreed Camo
ShadeCreed Camo
BaseLoren Forest
HighlightStraken Green
Edge HighlightOgryn Camo

Once again, as with every week, I am not entirely convinced by the colours. That is probably the main reason that it took so long, with lots of hesitating and second guessing myself. I think the colours look nice, but they might need a splash more pink or purple in the recesses on the next batch.

A narrow escape!

My favourite thing about these guys is that they will look nice in a unit of ten of their own colour, but they will also work mixed in with the previous batch in a big unit of vaguely green ones. 

Scale models.

I love the scales on the back of these nineties Saurus Warriors. I thought when I was starting that they would be the biggest slog, but I actually really enjoyed them. The hardest part of painting them is the relative lack of interesting surfaces around the legs and arms. It makes painting them a bit of a challenge indeed.



Ok, I’m going to stick my neck out and say that the aim for social media for the end of the quarter is to hit 2,000 followers! At around 1,820 at the time of writing, I am pretty confident that I can do it with a bit of work.

That’s so many.

I have been banging ideas around in my head for something to celebrate hitting 2,000 followers and finishing the second quarter. I was thinking of maybe doing a giveaway of a character model painted to the standard of 1 week of hammer the backlog, or 5 hammer the backlog points. Do you guys think there would be any interest in that sort of thing?


They are fucked.

I’ve gone a bit made for retro photography these days! I dragged good old Asarnil the Dragonlord off of his shelf and photographed him attacking his sylvan kin.


So what is left to do with the rest of the quarter? 

Let’s break it down!

5 Saurus Warriors

The Green Knight himself

Film, edit and publish the second quarterly review video

Any other bits and bobs.

Thanks for sticking around for this slightly panicked update! See you next week for the fully complete 5th edition set!

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