Quarter 2, Week 8 Update: I’ve Got a Skinking Feeling About This…

To use the ancient and inscrutable language of the Lizardmen themselves: Hello and welcome to another instalment of Hammer the Backlog, the weekly Warhammer miniature painting and accountability blog. And Youtube channel. Let’s start, as we have since the dawn of the Old Ones, with a look at this week’s Scorecard.


For the Lady! No wait, that was weeks ago.

More green skinks means more green everything! I knew I was going to be on holiday for a few of the usual painting days this week, so I had to batch paint this week’s models more than I usually do. This was made a bit easier by having a lovely long weekend for Halloween. I managed to get all five of this week’s models painted, and all of the models for next week based. Phew!


I did most of this week’s models on bank holiday Monday, painting all five of them as a batch. I broke the 6 hours of the day up by making Youtube playlists to watch, with audio short stories, movie reviews, video game reviews and mini painting content. I made three playlists of 2 hours each and was determined to sit down and paint from the start to the end. I took a half hour break between playlists before getting back at it. I put the final highlight on the final skink as the end credits rolled on the last video. A very productive day, if I do say so myself.


Tqke me to your leader! (Is this too obscure?)

Another week of Skinks in the classic Blanka scheme of green and orange. I’m just going to put a little table here with the colours used, mostly for my own future reference. As you can see from the table, I mixed up which base colour I sprayed them to give me a little variation in tone. It is not very visible, but the skull white ones do come out a little brighter.

GreenLight UnderbellyOrange CrestRed Cloth
BasecoatWraithbone / Grey Seer / Skull WhiteWraithbone / Grey Seer / Skull WhiteWraithbone / Grey Seer / Skull WhiteWraithbone / Grey Seer / Skull White
ContrastGutrippa FleshAggaros DunesGryph Hound OrangeFlesh Tearers Red
Shade50:50 Ork Flesh / Contrast MediumNoneReikland FleshshadeNuln Oil
BaseOrruk FleshUshabti BoneJokaero OrangeEvil Sunz Scarlet
HighlightOgryn CamoFlayed One FleshTau Light OchreWild Rider Red
Edge HighlightKrieg KhakiScreaming SkullUngor FleshFire Dragon Bright
Read that without going blind!

 The only other thing of note this week is that I did a bit of green stuff field surgery. Look, listen, I have always hated green stuff. I’ve always considered people who were good with it likely to have made some sort of dark pact. Having to repair the Green Knight a few weeks ago meant that I had to get over it. This week went one step further.

He’s my favourite.

Poor old Stumpy here lost his arm years ago. I can’t remember the exact circumstances, but by the looks of it I was planning on taking his whole arm off and replacing it, probably to be a unit champion or standard bearer of some sort.

Anyway, I had to face my green stuff fears and resculpt a new upper arm for him. It turned out pretty nicely, aided by having something exact to try to copy. My bravery didn’t stretch to trying a hand, so I guess he will remain with his stump. Maybe he thought, just like Dr. Curt Connors, that lizards can regrow missing limbs and it would come back, so he shook it off to get away from a predator?

They can’t, just in case you were wondering.


I really have been dragging my heels on the third of this quarter’s rocks: Launch Youtube channel, with Quarter one review and Quarter two review videos online.

I did it, but what did it cost?

As I mentioned last week, I have been sitting on the footage for a few weeks. Regular readers will be able to tell exactly when I recorded it just by looking at the models and what stage of painting they are at. In a way, it will be a lovely little time capsule to look back on when my backlog is well and truly hammered.

Accountability really is one of the key words to this blog. I promised last week that I would publish the video on Monday, and I did, come hell or high water. Technically I got it done with about 15 minutes to spare, getting the video published at 11:45 on Monday night.

Am I happy with the end result? I think it is a bit long and wafflely, some of the edits are atrocious, the B roll footage could have been more inspiring and with 5 years of podcasting experience, the audio should have been cleaner. But! It was an interesting learning experience that I definitely would have kept putting off until the end of time, if I hadn’t set a public deadline last week!

A huge thanks to all of the people who have watched the video already, especially to those that have subscribed and left lovely comments.

With the Youtube channel launched with one video in place, this is a quick summary of the current quarter’s status.

Thanks for reading this far. By the time you are reading this I am back home from my holiday in Spain, where I have hopefully not been to too many hobby shops and added significantly to the backlog!

See you all next week for the last six skinks!

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