Quarter 2, Week 4 Update: Orange You Glad To See Me?

Hi everyone, welcome back to a slightly truncated week of Hammer the Backlog, the weekly Warhammer painting and productivity blog. A loss in the family this week means I will be keeping this one a bit briefer than usual.


Another clean sweep, despite the events of the week. It was really helped by the fact that the skinks are tiny and easy to paint.


Another five skinks are added to the slowly growing lizardman force. I painted these differently than last week’s. I started with a cool basecoat, Grey Seer, rather than the lighter, warmer Wraithbone. I also went a little heavier on the Fleshshade wash than with last week’s batch. Once again, the difference is very hard to see at a glance.

With two units almost done, the overall look of the force is starting to take shape.


After one failed experiment with putty, classic superglue on the underside of the bases proved to be the key to getting the lizards magnetised. Or maybe this is just a normal picture flipped upside down? You might be asking why I would bother magnetising when I don’t play? Well, It means I will be able to store and transport the models much more easily.

Thanks for taking the time to read this far, and apologies again for the shorter and less funny blog.

Hope to see you next week for a return to normal operations.

Cheers, you’re good eggs!


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