Week 10 Update: La Peste!

Welcome back to week 10 of Hammer the Backlog, where this week we have been struck down by Nurgle’s latest vile concoction. Or covid-19, as it is more commonly known. Did covid-19 slow down the project, or did having to stay at home result in more hobby time? Yes! Please read on to unravel the mysteries. 


Cough cough!

Well, as you can see from the lovely table above, covid didn’t stop me from getting our main scorecard metrics covered this week. At first it seemed like it would be almost a boon; free evenings, working from home at the desk I use for painting, 2 hours a day saved on commuting. But no, as much as time was on my side, motivation and energy wasn’t! I spent at least two hours on Sunday evening looking at my painting station from across the room, like a boy at a teenage disco, unable to muster up the courage to approach the object of my desire. I have also slept more in the last week than I had in the entire month before!

The triple whammy of being on holiday, getting covid and being unable to leave the house as well as normal week-10 motivational sag meant that for the first time some to dos managed to stay on the to do list for more than two weeks. That will need to be fixed before the end of the quarter!



Another five bowmen join the ever growing army this week. Once again, painted in the yellow, black and red scheme from last week. These bowmen really are a joy to paint. Sure, some of the details are soft and they have horrible mold lines that run right down the middle of their faces, but the pose is so open and welcoming and easy to paint. There is not a single spot on these guys that is over detailed, hard to reach or impossible to identify. Only five left now! I’ll miss you guys, derpy faces and all.



I really should have factored in holiday time when I was calculating everything out for this quarter! What is this, a sweatshop? I will remember to include one week off in the next quarter! Before I was struck down with covid I managed to visit a friendly not-so-local gaming store, The Gathering in Limerick. As my interests are mainly retro stuff and my little niche is not buying models, I was surprised to be coming out of the shop with anything. But my lovely lady friend refused to leave empty handed and bought me this cute little tower as a souvenir. It doesn’t count as adding to the backlog if it’s a gift, right? What a lovely lady.

I’ve never done any scenery previously, but this tower did seem to fit in nicely with the 5th edition look I am going for. It needed a little bit of a makeover, obviously. Painting scenery to a decent standard definitely feels easier than painting minis, perhaps because they are bigger, or maybe just because I am accepting of a slightly lower standard. A few dry brushed highlights on the wood, yellow dry brush on the tatching and a couple of scratch built shields spruced it up nicely. The final little touch was a photocopy of the Lizardmen wanted poster that came in the 5th edition starter box, printed out, cut and PVA glued to the side of the tower.


By Ezipion, look him up!

There are STL files available of the Grudgebringer Infantry from Dark Omen! If you have read the blog from the beginning you will know how tempting these are to me! Begone, foul demons! The STLS, I mean. Not you, lovely reader.


We hit 666 followers this week on Instagram! Exceptionally spooky stuff.

Hail Satan!

What continues to surprise me is just how popular these flipping old school bretonnians are on social media. Hammer the Backlog is now consistently getting 600-700 likes on Bretonnian pictures, and 100-150 on other stuff. Don’t get me wrong, for a new instagram account, 150 likes per picture is fabulous, but I was not prepared for just how popular the old horsy boys have turned out to be!

Anyway, thanks for reading this far! See you next Thursday, hopefully with a bit more pep in my step!

Good eggs!

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