Week 1 Update

Let’s get straight down to it with a look at this week’s scorecard results.

In the green, baby!

As you can see, we have managed five fully painted infantry figures, we have had no hold ups due to missing supplies, we have posted in two different Warhammer Fantasy Facebook groups and the Warhammer Fantasy Reddit Community, we have launched our Instagram page with one post and we have posted our first weekly update on the blog, which you are currently reading. All of our scorecard items for our first week are in the green, let’s keep them that way!

The week’s painted figures were five Bretonian bowmen from the 5th edition starter set that I mentioned at the beginning of the blog. They were painted in a kind of modern hybrid style, with a wraithbone undercoat, contrast base layer and then two to three layers of highlights. This really isn’t intended to be a painting tutorial blog, but if you would like to know more about any of the colours stick a comment below and I’ll gladly answer.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

The biggest decision with these guys was going for a uniform, a rabble or something in between. Some very informed friends on reddit wrote some incredibly long and detailed posts which I will now summarise for you:

Do what you think looks best.

To make a short story slightly longer, uniforms didn’t really exist as a military concept in the period of history that Bretonnian figures are based on. Some lords may have had no uniform at all, some would maybe suggest a colour. Other, particularly rich lords, might even provide a jacket of a specific colour for their men. 

I went with something in the middle, as you can see.

I think these figures were designed by miniature design legends the Perry brothers and I absolutely love them. Getting through the remaining 19 will be no chore at all.

2 responses to “Week 1 Update”

  1. I like how none of these have the same “uniform”. Interested to see how much repetition there will be. Like if we number them 1 to 5 from left to right, I’d like to imagine 2 and 5 are mates and they cut a red and blue coat up between them.


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